Hi I'm Elizabeth, welcome to my blog.

Join me as I muse my way through life. I'll be writing about all sorts of things that interest me and I'll be sharing information about fabulous places I’ve visited in Australia and other parts of the world. I have broad ranging interests that reflect my upbringing. My birthplace is Namibia, my cultural roots Hungarian, I spent much of my childhood in South Africa and some of my teenage years in Germany. And, I finally made Melbourne, Australia my home.

It's no wonder I was always drawn to study languages and much later in life, at age 35, I went to uni to study more languages and anthropology. Since my uni days I’ve completed several writing courses and launched myself into the complex and challenging world of freelance writing. You can read My Published Work here.

I am also a visual beast! I love textures; old furniture, interiors, architecture, nature, eclectic art and I always notice details. I find myself reacting physically to beautiful things and places and I hope to impart these experiences with you.

I question and I think and I feel. And these basic human actions and emotions underpin just about everything in my life. So Life Matters had to happen because I needed a category where I can share life-related topics that matter to me, and a space where I can theorise and pose questions.

I also have a major aversion towards incompetence, dishonesty, idiocy and cruelty. In response to this I’ve decided to occasionally have a fat whinge to express my irritation towards all sorts of things, some minor and some major. And be warned there will be occasional swearing, because sometimes only the word ‘fuck’ will do.

In Places I will share lesser-known locations, interesting shops, nice places to drink and eat and occasionally homes. While in People I will chat to the ‘unknown,’ or lesser-known. Celebrity isn’t something that draws me; I prefer to tell the stories of ‘ordinary’ people who are in fact quite extraordinary.

My passions and interests will be reflected in my posts and these will range from the arts to health issues and from home interiors to social and cultural concerns. Travel, photography and food are important to me too.

I hope to be informative, entertaining and stimulating, and shock horror, even controversial at times. So please join me as I embark on the next chapter of this thing called life.


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